4 tips to how to save money on trips

Undoubtedly, one of the fears that are presented to travellers is how much money they are willing to spend and how much it is possible to save traveling. In this article we will try to offer you some tricks in which the lovers of the trips agree to get you to save a little more in your next getaway.

It is clear that not all countries are governed by the same rules, nor that all areas within the same state are equal at this level. But, still, the tricks we propose are almost universal:



In this aspect, it is necessary to avoid buying and eating in the areas that you identify as tourist, since, as is evident, the bill could double the price you would pay in a local a few streets further from the centre. Another trick that is also obvious, but that we usually forget in the rush, is to try not to eat at airports. The prices are always abusive and the quality leaves much to be desired. Who has not paid 3 euros for a bottle of water? The money you can save on food is very significant on a trip, although this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the cuisine from where you travel.


Although the speech is quite widespread that it is dangerous to carry a lot of money when traveling, there are few voices that tell us about the abusive commissions that we will have to pay for the world ahead when we want to withdraw money at any ATM. You can try to organize yourself so that you can get money to survive a couple of weeks, in addition, so you can also better control your expenses.


It is not normal to fall ill or have an accident during a small holiday period, but even so, it is unimaginable the amount of money you could end up paying for a hospital bill in those countries where Social Security is absent.



The most important advice, without a doubt, is to get informed. Once you have decided where you are going to travel, you will have to do an investigation on your computer about traveller’s ‘and travellers’ blogs that tell their experience. From them you will take out small grants adapted to your needs and also you will get an idea of ​​how is the place you go. This will save you time and money.