5 tips to plan the perfect trip

Sometimes planning that trip with which we have dreamed for more than half a year to break the monotony of day to day becomes harder than the routine itself. Just thinking about looking at possible tourist destinations to go and check thousands of websites to look for airplanes, hotels and transport can remove the desire to go on a trip. But do not despair, in Ama Viajes we give you 5 simple tips that you can practice to plan your next trip, to be able to enjoy it and not stress yourself in the process.


  1. Let us advise and inform you

This is the first and most important of the tips. First of all, take it easy and think about how much you will enjoy during the holidays that you are going to start planning. It is always a good idea to ask friends and acquaintances about trips that we know they have gone well to see how they have done it and what our options are.

You can also organize it on your own, but always remember that consulting professionals from the world of travel and the tourism sector will give you some guarantees that you will not get otherwise and give you the assurance of having all aspects of your travel insured: transportation, hotels, visits, etc.


  1. Choose the type of trip

It is also an important point, which will depend a lot on your particular personal circumstances. It will vary if it is going to be a couple, alone, with friends or with the family. Also if you are more of beach, mountain or city. If you want to stay close or go abroad. That is why the best thing is, as the first point reflects, to let you advise. Here we recommend exposing these circumstances to your travel agency and advising you on the possibilities that best suit you. For example, in Ama Viajes we plan trips in groups, for honeymoons, school holidays, rural tourism, gastronomy, volunteering, cultural, etc. There are endless possibilities!


  1. An infallible suitcase

Once you have a destination, hotel and a plan made of what you want to visit, it is time to face the suitcase. Do not go crazy and it is important to remember that in these cases less is always more. You will probably forget something, but where you’re going almost sure there will be where to buy all kinds of things, so it’s better not to go loaded with more.

Even so, there are essentials that must not be missed. Calculate the changes you will need and add a couple more just in case. Check the time it will take, but have options in case it varies. Roll up clothes instead of folding them to avoid wrinkles and optimize space. In addition, it is always better to fill the suitcase from one side to the other and not from the bottom.

Finally, put the liquids in the most accessible place, in order to be able to remove them easily (remember that they must have the security measures in place), and it is advisable to have your identity documents and travel documents in an external compartment.

Remember: Comfort first and foremost!


  1. Soak up the place

Both when you prepare it and when you are already at your destination think about everything you want to experience. Do not stay in the typical tourist experience. Do not go to the places that everyone has told you that you have to visit yes or yes. Traveling does not mean doing homework.

Look for alternative places and visits and, above all, related to what you like. You are the first thing during your holidays! You do not have to go to the essential places if, for example, you do not like the beach. If you do not like contemporary art, do not go to that museum, no matter how much the guides recommend it. Each place has many possibilities and exploring and getting lost in a place you do not know can also be a pleasure. Create a unique trip for you!


  1. Vacation mode ON

Disconnect. Forget about worries and work. Leave the mobile next to the lounger and use it only to take incredible pictures or to envy the trip you’re hitting. Not seriously. Enjoy the trip. You deserve it.