An original and full nature trip? New Zealand that unknown

A country that may be by its location is not the destination chosen when traveling. However, we are losing a country full of historical and biological wealth.

It is located southwest of the Pacific Ocean; its name means land of the great white cloud. We guarantee that the blue of its sky with the one of its waters you will not find it in any other part of the world, the sea that bathes it is the sea of ​​Tasmania.

Its cities are among those with the best quality of life in the world and many studies qualify as the freest country and that most respects the civil rights of the world, so we guarantee that you will not be able to enjoy a better quality of life. You will not be able to find yourself safer on this trip.

The climate that you can enjoy throughout the country is tempered during all times of the year. You can find unique varieties in both fauna and flora, 80% of its land is covered by forests, so
do not stop taking a walk among its native trees.

Some of its cities that you cannot miss 

Wellington: It is the capital and is located to the south of the North Island. You cannot miss the Cook Strait. Do not forget to visit your financial center. That your thing is photography, so do not forget to take a snapshot of your sunsets from your port or some of its coves …… simply stunning, extraordinary, amazing and super super romantic as it must be your honeymoon.

Auckland: Do not miss your 2 ports. It is one of the few cities in the world that has two ports in two different bodies of water. To the north is the one of Whangaparaoa and to the south the one of Bombay Hills. Another curiosity? It is built between and over volcanoes, of which there are about 48, some take the form of cones, lakes, ponds, islands and depressions. All are extinguished. Do you want a cultural offer? It is very spacious, with a lot of acts oriented to the family. A walk in the park? The Auckland Domain is one of the parks located in the center of the city with larger size, do not forget to walk among its cherry trees.

Christchurch: Something very striking? It is one of the four cities in the world, which has been carefully planned to follow the same design. A central square that is complemented by four public squares and an area of ​​parks that surround them. The summer weather is moderated by the sea breeze coming from the northeast. Your Cathedral do not forget to visit it.

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