Business trips, incentives, conventions and events

Ama Viajes has established itself as a benchmark and authentic specialist in the design of experiences and activities for companies, which provide value in their relationship with their clients
We aim to offer the business world a different and personalized service, responding to the needs of the client. For this, we have the best tool, the acquired experience and the knowledge that our more than 30 years of service bring.

Our high level of creativity that prints business activities and is composed of experienced travel professionals, marketing experts and business management, will give you a guaranteed success in any of your contracts with our travel agency.
Your company has, first of all, to make profitable these activities since the budgets assigned for them are not unlimited. Therefore, Ama Viajes accepts the challenge and creates added value through creativity and differentiation in incentive trips and corporate events.
From navigating between icebergs in a lagoon in the south of Iceland, diving for wrecks from World War II in Montenegro, recreating the Thousand Lakes rally in the Finnish circuit or the Dakar in the Atacama desert, discovering the lost beaches of Philippines, sleeping between the dunes of the Arab Emirates or entering the most authentic Galicia.
Near or far does not matter where you want to travel, we will give you the most original options and a service 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday so you can have the peace of mind that we will solve any possible against time at the same time.
Ama Viajes your business travel agency in Vigo. We travel with you all over the world.