Destinations to spend a Christmas without cold in the southern hemisphere


Many families take advantage of Christmas to go on a trip and here we leave some of the most popular destinations for these dates.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are some of the favorite places to go on vacation at Christmas. Its average temperature of 19 degrees makes them two of the most desired destinations for a different vacation.

Cayo Largo (Cuba), is a small island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with spectacular beaches, crystal clear waters and white sand.

Ocho Rios (Jamaica), is an old fishing village that has become an excellent tourist destination.The area is known for its vegetation, waterfalls of rivers and white sand beaches.

Islands of Bazuruto (Monzabique), islands that are considered the most beautiful in Africa and are protected by national park. Beautiful pristine beaches with crystal clear waters with very few tourists.

Punta del Este (Uruguay), is considered one of the main spas in America. It has more than 20 kilometers of coastline and high mountain ranges that look out to sea.

Praia Do Forte in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), is an old fishing village turned into one of the most exclusive destinations in Brazil with transparent waters, white sand and palm trees.

Island of Mahé (Seychelles), one of the 155 islands of the Seychelles that stands out for its green and wild landscape.