Do you want to know the highest hotel in the world and the smallest?

The Gevora Hotel is the tallest hotel in the world and is located in Dubai with a height of 356 meters and a total of 75 floors. Only one floor more than the JW Marriott Marquis that is also located in the UAE.

The Gevora has 528 rooms, the vast majority of luxury, between 46 and 85 square meters. Each of the floors of this hotel has a butler willing to meet all the needs of its guests.

In its facilities it has five restaurants that offer a great variety of environments and kitchens; a spa; Two gyms, one for men and one for women and an indoor pool.

It should be noted that the revolving doors of the lobby are covered in solid gold.

Its eight elevators take 38 seconds to climb the 75 floors and reach the spectacular rooftop pool where you can see the best views of the city taking a cocktail or taking a bath.

On the contrary, saying which is the smallest hotel in the world is more complicated, could be the Central & Café in Copenhagen. This hotel in Denmark has a single room of 12 square meters, yes, with all kinds of details and amenities located above the cafeteria Granola Café, in the neighborhood of Vesterbro.

The Guinness Record does not consider it the smallest since it understands that the cafeteria is part of the hotel. For them, the smallest hotel is in the Bavarian region, in Germany, specifically in Ambreng.

It has a single room of 56 square meters that has flat screen TV, piped music, sofa, fireplace, whirlpool tub and a price of 240 euros per night.