Malta, a trip for lovers

The Republic of Malta is an archipelago formed by three islands located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. These islands border the south with Sicily and the north with Libya. Currently, Malta is an independent country, member of the European Union, with an extension of 316km 2 and 413,609 inhabitants.

Its capital is La Valletta (or Valletta) which, although it is not the most populated city in the country, has historically been the most important urban center in the entire archipelago. Due to its strategic location (a point of union between the European and African continents that allows to have a good control over the Mediterranean Sea) the archipelago of Malta has been disputed by many countries throughout history; in fact, until 1964 it was part of the islands subject to the English crown.

Throughout history the island of Malta has been extremely important in the development of history in the Mediterranean. The first signs of civilization on the island of Malta date back to 5000 BC, and belong, in the voice of historians, to a people with great skill management, and from this period date certain elements that prove this hypothesis: prehistoric monuments which are among the oldest in the world, among which is the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, one of the great jewels of Malta. However, this civilization disappeared some 2000 years later without being able to pinpoint the causes with certainty.

Later the island of Malta was conquered by the Phoenicians (750 a.C) and from then on it began to become one of the most important trade points in the Mediterranean. And from then on it began to be disputed by some of the most important powers: beginning with the Carthaginians, the Romans and later, the Spaniards and the English.

Broadly speaking, among the issues that may be of most interest to tourists we can highlight the beautiful climate of this island, which is always temperate: you can travel to this destination in any season and it will always be good weather. However, the high season is between the months of April to November.

Valletta is one of the most touristic spots in the Mediterranean, for that reason we believe that you should not stop visiting it to appreciate the extraordinary history of this small island and to be surprised by its beauty. Among the most interesting things to do here we recommend a long walk through its straight streets, taking a break to enjoy its views on a balcony or on some stairs.

But if we look for an interesting and important city of Malta we can not fail to mention Mdina. A city that lost its capital but kept its impressive places: a medieval citadel of Europe. Its labyrinth of narrow and winding streets, its churches and palaces are spectacular and a point of interest that you should not miss on your trip to the Island of Malta.

We must not forget either St.Julians and its Spinola Bay, a very picturesque fishing port that is full of boats of different colors and materials. It is surely one of the most photographed places in Malta. And very close to this port is the modern district of Paceville, which is the epicenter of nightlife and party in Malta: a corner full of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. While Paceville attracts a mostly young and partying public, there are quieter and more demanding establishments that are located around the border of this neighborhood; Places where you can have a drink and enjoy the authentic Maltese cuisine while you talk with your friends.

If you like innovative trips, traveling to this island can provide you with a true adventure made to suit you that will make you feel wonderful. In addition to visiting the typical tourist attractions, you can surf, dive and enjoy different water sports almost all year round. In addition, you can also play golf, climbing, hiking, paragliding, etc.