Some tips for making a long trip by plane

Long trips are, in many occasions, quite heavy. To take them in the best possible way we explain some tips before taking a plane to another part of the world.

First of all, when buying the tickets, choose, whenever you can, the emergency door seats since they are more spacious but also more expensive.

Billing should never be left for the last minute and you must arrive at least two hours before the airport. In this way you can be sure, if you travel with them, to sit together, since the seats are assigned to the groups that arrive from the check-in counter.

Take everything on board the plane, a book, magazines, series or movies since you will spend many hours inside the plane and, if you have stops, at airports.

Nor should you forget to bring a jacket and a change of clothes in case you arrive at your destination does not appear the suitcase.

You should not forget to notify the company beforehand if you have any allergies or if you are a vegetarian so they can be prepared. It is also highly recommended to drink lots of water and put cream on your face and hands.

The best thing to avoid jet lag is to adapt to the destination time from the start and try to make the meals as your already were there.