The best Christmas markets

Want a different getaway? Do you enjoy Christmas with illusion and magic? As an ideal trip and you can enjoy if you only have a few days holiday in winter is a visit to any of the famous and different Christmas markets scattered throughout Europe. You do not know Strasbourg yet? It is the capital of Christmas. Its market goes back to the year 1570. It is located at the foot of its cathedral.

Cologne is a good opportunity to travel to Germany, its market is situated around one of the most impressive gothic churches in the world, besides if you take a tour around its surroundings you can enjoy craft markets and live music. Vienna, a city with magic that beautifies even more in these dates, you can find your flea market in the Town Hall Square.

In Prague 4 flea markets take place so you must go in time to be able to enjoy all of them and do not miss any of its narrow streets. It is obligatory to take something warm on any of your terraces. Budapest, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Bruges, Antwerp, Birmingham, Dublin, Copenhagen all the markets you will find in the heart of the cities.

Some less known, but still warm and picturesque is the market of Colmar in Alsace (France). You can find minstrels, minstrels, wooden toys, live nativity scenes, outdoor ice skating rinks, traditional choirs and concerts accompanied by its gastronomy with typical products such as hot wine with orange and cinnamon and its typical anise pastes.

And in Spain? If you want to remember your childhood or your children do different things enjoy our smell of roasted chestnut, carols, Christmas trees and colored lights you can also find traditional markets without having to travel so far: Badajoz, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Malaga, Madrid,Seville, Valencia, Santander, Valladolid or Zaragoza are also good options so that you do not stop enjoying the color of Christmas.

What do you do that you are still not calling us to reserve dates for your visit to these markets? Viajes Logares enjoys Christmas as when you were a child.