The most interesting places to visit in Spain

Many times we search for our trips exotic destinations, different places and the possibility of visiting some of the most spectacular monuments in the world. Although it may not seem like these very common holiday goals, they can also be achieved by planning a trip closer to home. In Ama Viajes we have a wide range of national trips (in Spain) that will delight all those who want to know better our immense heritage, cultural, historical, natural and gastronomic.

Make a list with recommendations of what to see in Spain is very complicated, for the amount of things we could include. That’s why we tell you about those sites that the most important web users among travelers, TripAdvisor, have placed in the ranking of the places of most interest revealed during the Travelers’ Choice® Awards Sites of Tourist Interest 2018. We are proud of that two national places have been cast on the list worldwide, occupying the second and fifth place respectively. Next, the national list headed just by those two sites.


1. Plaza de España (Spain’s Place) of Seville

Seville and Barcelona are the two cities that occupy the most positions and Andalusia is the region that has stood out the most for TripAdvisor travelers. And it is not a surprise. Going to Seville means going into a place full of light and heat where the mixture of cultures can be felt in any corner.

This site has been chosen as the first national and second worldwide after the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Among the trees of Maria Luisa Park is a panoramic view of the square, designed for the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929, which every day astonishes visitors from all over the globe.


2. The mosque of Córdoba

The fifth place with the most international tourist interest is one of the great architectural and cultural gems of our country. It is a construction that speaks of Al-Andalus and the historical wealth of the Iberian Peninsula.

This mosque is one of the most impressive in the West, witnessing the era of greatest splendor of Arab culture. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984.


3. Sagrada Familia (Holy Family)

Probably the most known monument outside our borders. This temple, which has been under construction since 1882, awakens the admiration of the entire world and is among the most portrayed by tourists from all corners.

The first stone of the temple was laid more than 135 years ago and since then 70% of the work has been made, although at the beginning it was entrusted to another person, it would finally pass into the hands of Gaudí.

Alhambra, Spain.

Alhambra of Granda, Spain.


5. Alhambra of Granada

We return to Andalusia with another of its most spectacular tourist exponents. This work is located in a strategic enclave, reason why it was chosen for its construction, because it is on top of a hill and allows controlling the environment, surrounded by mountains and rivers.

The Granada building was a palace and fortress, as well as the residence of sultans and different positions of the elite of the court of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada during the end of the Middle Ages. A spectacular enclave, whose decoration and elements make up an amazing ensemble.


5. Real Alcázar of Seville

This city is spectacular wherever you look. Another of the most outstanding points of Seville is the Real Alcázar, an architectural ensemble that tells centuries of Seville’s city history and that is a World Heritage Site.

In the Real Alcázar the styles are mixed, since its construction began in the 10th century under the caliphate of Abderramán III on an ancient Visigoth settlement, which was previously Roman. After the end of the settlements of the caliphates in the peninsula suffered several extensions, which would add touches of Renaissance style. It is an essential place to experience the history of this city and part of the history of Spain.


Batlló, Barcelona, España

Casa Batlló, Barcelona.

6. Casa Batlló

Once again we returned to Barcelona and his eternal romance with Antonio Gaudí. The city owes much of its tourist attraction to the magnificent work that the architect left as a legacy in the city.

The Casa Batlló is located on Paseo de Gracia, one of the most important streets of the city, which houses emblematic buildings of Catalan modernism. This UNESCO World Heritage has become a benchmark of design and architecture that is studied in universities around the world.


7. Seville Cathedral

And yes, Sevilla triples on this list. It seems that the users of TripAdvisor agree that the Andalusian city has a charm, and color, special.

It is clear that Seville has in its complex and varied history and culture its main tourist attractions. The Cathedral of Seville has hundreds of artistic works, whether sculptures, paintings or goldsmiths that are the best preserved in the ecclesiastical environment. Without forgetting, of course, the jewel in the crown: the Giralda.


8. Royal Palace of Madrid

The capital could not remain without a place in this list and the honor falls on one of its main claims, the Royal Palace. Do you want a trip through the History of Spain and its Monarchy? Of course this is a country with abundance in this matter, which makes the visit more than recommended and interesting.

This building was the residence of the monarchs from Carlos III to Alfonso XIII, and remains the official of the kings, although the current ones do not inhabit it and its use is reduced to certain official visits and acts.

Palacio Real Spain

Palacio Real (Royal Palace) in Madrid.


9. Central Market of Valencia

The last two positions on the list go to what are the most known and colorful markets in Spain. In this ninth place is the Mercado de Valencia.

Located in the historical center of the city, it stands out for its modernist style and for being one of the oldest markets in use on the continent. It is defined as the largest center in Europe dedicated to the specialty of fresh products and groups about 300 small merchants.


10. Market of Boquería in Barcelona

In the heart of the city, on the well-known Ramblas is also one of the symbols of the Catalan city: the Boquería Market.

It is one of the most visited buildings in Barcelona and stands out for the variety and quality of products that can be found from it, coming from all over the world in a location where, ten centuries ago, farmers and merchants located their stalls.