Viajar sólo, una experiencia única

To travel alone, a unique experience

Usually, traveling is an activity that you do accompanied. With friends, with family, with the couple … All are good options and in Ama Viajes we have concrete proposals for the type of trip you choose. Even if you decide to do it alone.

In fact, in recent years more and more people have chosen to travel alone, an experience they say everyone should do once in their life. Why do we recommend traveling alone or alone?


Discovering yourself

If you have been thinking about the option to travel alone, it is because you are already half the way to do it. You want to disconnect from everything and everyone, experience a different holiday and take a trip where you can not only know a new place and get better into their culture, but also discover yourself. However, it is at that moment when doubts assail us.

Safety is the first thing that throws us back, especially women. However, many measures can help us feel more secure and take the step. On the one hand, a group of professionals like Ama Viajes will organize the trip for you. This way, you will know that they will offer you a guaranteed service, without surprises or surprises.

On the other hand, there are digital tools and online applications that favour collaboration in this area. Some serve to share information, give warning to emergencies and create networks of contacts. In addition, it is always good to pull social networks and sign up in forums such as the one TripAdvisor has to travel alone.

to travel alone


Tips for traveling alone

Among the recommendations that administrations usually do to those people who are willing to undertake a trip without company are:

– Learn about the medical coverage of the country of origin.

– Consult where the consulates are located.

– Carry a free mobile phone where you can use a local SIM card.

– Someone should always know your location (you have the register of travellers of the Ministry of the Exterior at your disposal).

– Do not get to your destination at night.

– Have at hand the emergency numbers of the country you are traveling to.


We add some others from our own harvest, because it is also important to enjoy the trip.

– Get ready to eat the world!

– Start a conversation whenever you can. The people of the place are the ones that will make you truly enjoy this adventure.

– Live new experiences.

– Be immersed in each place.

– Meet many people and let others know you.

Keep in mind that if you ask people who have already travelled in this way, they all recommend it. In general, they say that you do not return the same. Moreover, you almost certainly will want to repeat.



The best destinations to travel alone

Given that most people who decide to take the step are quite adventurous, the choice is usually in the most exotic destinations. Places that most tourists would not even consider as Rwanda, Thailand, Myanmar, Zanzibar, Mexico…

The truth is that any destination can be good to travel alone as long as you take the necessary prevention measures already mentioned. Some attractive destinations can be the main US cities (including Route 66!), Iceland, Amsterdam, Ireland, Peru or any corner of Spain. A sure bet!

Nevertheless, the best thing is to put yourself in the hand of a travel agency such as Ama Viajes, expose what you expect and look for your trip and let us advise you. You will not regret!