Where to enjoy the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere

Every trip we make is united to know new places and experiences. Traveling to enjoy a night of northern lights in the sky is a spectacle.

The aurora borealis is a phenomenon that appears only when it is done at night and the sky becomes very dark in polar zones, usually have several colors (green, pink, violet), its name comes from the Roman goddess of dawn (Aurora) , and the Greek word Boreas, meaning north. The duration of the view of an aurora in the sky can vary from 30 seconds to several hours.

The best times to observe it are between September and March in the northern hemisphere (aurora borealis). So we are already in season to enjoy them and go to this wonderful adventure.

Norway is one of the places in the world where you can contemplate them. This country offers a wide variety of activities, trips, cruises, restaurants and hotels, and all of them play an important role in the experience you have in your visit.

We offer a wide variety of travel deals to beautiful countries such as Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Lapland, Canada or Alaska where you can use as a wonderful excuse to go hunting for the Northern Lights, as well as being able to enjoy and know these Nordic countries of beauty and incredible landscapes. Know your gastronomy and soak up your character and customs.

A show that will leave you speechless and you have to enjoy it at least once in your life. The aurora borealis are one of the best natural spectacles on the planet. Do not miss it!

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